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Don't believe me? Prepared to look at the evidence? Prepared to do what you should have done a long time ago, question everything? Or are you just going to believe everything the government and the mainstream media tell you without question? Do you call everybody who questions authority a “conspiracy theorist” like you have been programmed to do? Because that is just being gullible and it means you are part of the very serious problem that is facing humanity today, perhaps you are afraid of the truth, what psychologists call motivated ignorance, but if not and you have not been seriously dumbed down with fluoride and can still think for yourselves then maybe you will start to understand.

As an aside, fluoride, the government tells people, is good for your teeth, but it most certainly is not, there is a good reason why fluoride has sometimes been used as rat poison, it is because it is toxic, it builds up in the body similar to the way lead does and far from being good for teeth, it makes teeth brittle and causes dental fluorosis, brown spots form in the enamel, it damages bones, causes an increase in tumours, lowers IQ and makes people more compliant, the last two reasons are why the government want you to poison yourself with it, they want an ignorant populace who will do as they are told, Dr Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon explains about the effects of fluoride and more in the following link.

Dr Russell Blaylock on fluoride and more

The worlds problems stem from the globalists, the money men, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers et al, an unbelievably evil bunch of psychopaths and paedophiles who have wanted total control of the world and every aspect of peoples lives for a long time. Failing to take over the world by force twice with two world wars they started again and we are in world war three which is being done by stealth, one of the first things they set out to do was get control of the mainstream media worldwide, control the media, you can control peoples minds, are they controlling yours? I suspect they are, they control our government, they work for them, not for us. If you want to find out what some of these people are like click on the link below.

David Rockefeller - a face of evil

If you want to continue with this journey of discovery then lets look at some of the evidence that shows that there is no coronavirus pandemic.

1. In 2017, Dr Fauci, director of the NIAID in America, said on video that Trump will be hit by a surprise viral outbreak. So, how would he know that? Is he a prophet? Was it a lucky guess? If you have a brain that still works you will conclude it was all planned, videos of Fauci saying this are on youtube and all over the internet.

Fauci warned of pandemic in 2017

2. At the beginning of this coronavirus story, a piece of film was released, allegedly by China, one of the worlds most secretive nations on Earth that put China in a bad light, no intelligent person is going to believe that, then there is the content of this film, people walking along and allegedly falling down dead from this virus, absolutely ludicrous and something that has not been reported since, if people were that ill they would be at home in bed, people don't just drop dead from a viral respiratory disease as though they had been shot, it is a tad slower than that, then there is the cameraman, must have been psychic to know these people were going to drop dead at that moment don't you think? Oh, do please think, then there are people supposedly being dragged kicking and screaming into isolation, this is all pure theatre, no intelligent person would be fooled by any of this.

3. Enter the doyens at Imperial College with their model which predicted that millions would die from a global coronavirus pandemic, a model based on a virus they said was an unknown, yes, an unknown, it is not possible to produce an accurate model if one of the criteria is an unknown, they will be telling us next they get good results on their calculators when dividing by zero, pure fantasy. Bill Gates is funding Neil Ferguson of Imperial college Cambridge who came out with the prediction that millions of people would die worldwide and it just so happens that Gates has a vaccine for this coronavirus, how convenient, no respectable scientist takes any notice of Ferguson, nothing he has ever said has had any validity. Audiator et altera pars, which means listen to the other side but governments have only listened to Ferguson and probably still do.

4. The WHO, a globalist created organisation started spreading this lie of a coronavirus pandemic and the MSM were saying that hospitals were like war zones, staff can't cope, hospitals were overflowing with dead and dying people from this killer virus and there were long queues every day of people waiting for testing, the only thing was people were beginning to be suspicious and went to their local hospitals to film what was going on and what did they find? Empty car parks, no queues, no testing and they found that inside the hospitals they were virtually empty, just a few staff wandering around, at the last count there were over 400 video clips on youtube where people had been to their local hospital to find out what was really going on, #filmyourhospital.

NHS Workers Certificate of Bollocks

5. March 19th 2020, on the UK governments website a statement appeared saying that covid-19 had been downgraded and was no longer considered a major threat, so, why then were all the draconian measures put in place after this? From the website - "as of 19th March 2020, covid-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK".

UK government downgrades covid-19 March 2020

6. Then there were the two 1000 bed hospital ships that went to two major cities in America and ended up with so few patients they packed up and left and there was also the military built temporary hospital just for coronavirus patients which didn't get one single patient and was taken down again and removed. Some pandemic!

Hospital ships are sitting empty

Hospital dismantled after not treating a single covid patient

7. Social distancing, what is its purpose said to be? This was advice again by the WHO but without any citations of peer reviewed studies so it is just hearsay. So, standing six feet apart people won't catch coronavirus but standing three feet apart they will, really? So how does that work then? What is the actual process that will cause transmissivity at three feet but not at six feet? The WHO have never explained that and I can't see how they could, this is just made up crap simply to control people.

8. PCR "tests". Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR process won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1993 for PCR. The PCR process, PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction, polymerase is an enzyme that synthesizes polymers and nucleic acids and is essential in creating DNA and RNA, is used to replicate a single strand of DNA millions of times making it possible to pinpoint a segment of the strand and amplify it for identification purposes, amplification is usually in the order of twenty to twentyfive times, beyond this the results become much less reliable and anything over about thirty times is considered unusable, Kary Mullis is on video describing PCR and he made it quite clear that PCR cannot be used to detect whether a person is actively infected with any disease.

The Kary Mullis story

Video Kary Mullis explains pcr

Video Kary Mullis - Fauci is a know-nothing

9. "Professor" Drosden, who is not, it turns out, a professor, "his" dissertation only recently making an appearance, used his "pcr test" to detect coronavirus infection at an amplification of fortyfive times, a ridiculous figure and is responsible for the vast number of false positives, not only is this "test" unable to detect disease, the amplification is far too high to be of any use for anything whatsoever and this is what the WHO have based their advice on regarding the lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing, the whole thing based on a complete and utter fraud.

10. Defamation lawsuit. Dr Wolfgang Woldarg was a member of the German government during the 2008/9 swine flu episode and more or less single-handedly put a stop to that fraud but not before the pharmaceutical companies had caused severe damage to hundreds of children. Now in 2020 he had videos, pointing out that the PCR "test" was of no use in detecting disease, removed from youtube, facebook and twitter with the reason given that he was giving out misinformation, lying in other words, which has resulted in a defamation lawsuit where it is up to these so called fact checkers to prove their case which will be difficult as they have no proof as the whole thing is based on lies.

11. The lawyer in this case is Dr Reiner Fuellmich who has experience in dealing with large corporations such as Deutschebank and VW in their diesel emissions scandal is also planning a Crimes Against Humanity lawsuit against the perpetrators of this global coronavirus fraud, according to Dr Fuellmich there are some really, really important players, powerful players, behind this. People plan to go after the politicians and their advisors for malfeasance in public office among other things. Ignorance is no excuse and as for "I was only following orders" that did not work at Nuremberg and it won't work now.

Crimes Against Humanity Lawsuit

12. There have been a large number of complaints by people that their deceased relatives were said to have died from coronavirus but did not, in America, hospitals were paid vast sums if people died from coronavirus, so there was a great deal of pressure on doctors to falsify death certificates, all designed to keep the number of alleged coronavirus deaths high as possible but we can use official numbers to show there is no pandemic, later.

13. Every year 30,000 or more people die from seasonal flue in the UK, this is nothing new and this year is no different.

14. Vaccines. The idea of a vaccine is to introduce into the body a suspension of deactivated viruses so that the immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies so that when the real disease infects the body the immune system is ready to tackle the disease with minimum harm done to the body, all well and good but unfortunately all the thousands of studies show that vaccines do nothing other than harm. Many people, after taking a vaccine end up with the disease they thought they were being vaccinated against, this is only possible if the vaccine contains some non-deactivated viruses which shows that insufficient care is taken with the production of these vaccines. As to the production of vaccines, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft has now moved into pharmaceuticals as he has found there is far more money to be made than in computer software. Bill Gates is an outspoken depopulationist and apparently a lot of people have been dying after taking the vaccine he produced. It now turns out that several European countries are halting vaccinations due to it causing serious blood clotting. Italy have stopped vaccinations due to too many deaths and injuries and there is a call for the arrest of Bill Gates.

The truth about vaccines for a change

The vaccine hoax is over

15. Not much mention in the MSM but Brazil, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others, all carried on as usual, no lockdown, no destroying their economies, jobs and businesses and without any problems out of the ordinary.

16. Masks, suddenly in the middle of summer the British government said everybody should wear a mask even though all the peer reviewed scientific papers and there are many of them, have shown there is no advantage in wearing a mask over not wearing a mask where viral respiratory disease is concerned, the pore size is much larger than a virus but virtually all of the air flow in and out is between the face and the mask making a total mockery of the whole thing, but there are some worrying disadvantages also, in the warm moist atmosphere inside the mask, pathogens can build up to dangerous levels, re-breathing carbon dioxide can cause hypoxia which can cause all sorts of problems related to low oxygen supply in the body, do you think the government don't know this? This is simply more control.

The Real science about masks

17. Viral transmissivity during the warm, humid summer months has been known for a long time to be virtually zero, there is a bit of a clue in the expression “seasonal flu”.

18. A group of American doctors who should know all about this alleged coronavirus pandemic met for a press conference to explain the situation had a youtube video removed by google, googles explanation was that the doctors were spreading misinformation, so there you have it, google knows all about this alleged pandemic but doctors who are actually dealing with the situation do not, bullshit! The video is available at this link and is well worth watching.

Americas frontline doctors

19. Over six hundred European doctors have formed an association to speak out against this so called coronavirus pandemic calling it a scam, it's fake but no surprises, no mention in the MSM, if you want to find the truth you will have to look beyond the MSM, try searching for the truth, it is out there, or you could try clicking on this link to find out more for a start.

European doctors gather to discuss overreaction to covid-19

20. While few people were paying attention, in late August 2020, the CDC quietly updated the coronavirus numbers, they are are now saying that only 9210 people died from this virus alone in America and all the rest had other serious illnesses, even that figure seems high as healthy people are said to only suffer mild symptoms. The WHO have now said that the global death rate is only 0.14%, the same as seasonal flu.

WHO says covid death rate same as flu

21. All these ridiculously high figures that have been bandied about, from the Imperial College, the WHO and the CDC have gradually come down further and further but the damage has been done and the ignorant masses believe that they are going to die any moment from coronavirus but they have not been reassured by government or MSM that it is not as bad as it was first made out to be, can you work out why? New World Order here we come and you have not been paying attention.

22. If you thought that people who are awake to what is going on are few and far between then you would be wrong, there have been rallies in Germany and France and Ireland and in the UK, the one in Trafalgar Square attracted around 20,000 people but far more people need to wake up to what is going on if we are to defeat this tyranny, you will not like what is coming, an authoritarian one world government will benefit none of us. This link shows the UK rally.

Thousands join massive london rally against covid tyranny

23. Professor Dolores Cahill from Ireland talks about the 1500 pcr tests that were sequenced and found to be influenza A + B

pcr tests only detected influenza

She explains about the coronavirus, vaccines and malfeasance in public office.

Viruses, vaccines and malfeasance

Here is an explaination of how this "vaccine" or more correctly, mRNA gene therapy will destroy your body.

"vaccine" alters cells DNA

24. Pam Popper, a feisty lady from Ohio, has been taking the governor of Ohio to court, challenging the state of emergency, stopping a further lockdown in August 2020 and ending any talk of locking up people who do not believe any of this bullshit, this is what is needed worldwide to stop this tyranny, all you have to do is to challenge these psychopaths and they will back down, but you have to do something, doing nothing is not an option unless you would like a one world government with total control over you, that is if you are still alive and haven't taken their bloody awful vaccine!

Ohio governor sued

25. They haven't any proof that covid-19 coronavirus even exists! In Ireland people have been trying to get information out of the authorities via a foi request, when they eventually got it, it shows that covid-19 hasn't been isolated, it does not exist!

Covid-19 coronavirus has not even been isolated

Vaccine for Something Never Proven to Exist?

26. If there had been a coronavirus pandemic where large numbers of people had died then this would have shown up in official statistics and the one statistic that would show this up, the one statistic that cannot be manipulated for political ends is the all-cause death figure, if the figure for 2020 and remember to subtract all the thousands of people killed by Johnson by denying them their life saving hospital treatment, is compared to previous years what do we find? Very little difference which shows nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

There is no pandemic! It is all political!

So, to recap,

1. Covid-19 not isolated in a laboratory, the authorities were given the chance to prove this virus actually exists but could not.
2. The WHO have said the global death rate for "covid-19" is only 0.14%, the same as seasonal flu which happens every year.
3. The governments all-cause death figures, minus the Johnson Killings, shows no increase in deaths over previous years.
4. There are no peer reviewed studies to show that lockdowns prevent the spread of disease.
5. There are no peer reviewed studies to show masks prevent spread of viral respiratory disease, quite the opposite, there are lots of peer reviewed studies that show masks offer no protection against viral respiratory disease plus they can cause serious health conditions.
6. There are no peer reviewed studies to show social distancing prevents spread of disease.
7. PCR is a process not a test and cannot be used to tell if someone is affected with a disease.
8. PCR sequencing shows only influenza A+B detected.

Are you beginning to smell a rat yet?